IPs bring value and efficiency to your business

IP addresses are the backbone of the online world. Without them, businesses wouldn't be able to expand their presence and achieve success across the Web. Let's have a look at the most valuable uses for such resources.

Web Scraping

Collecting huge amounts of web data has its challenges. Avoid CAPTCHAs, getting blocked by websites, and other obstacles by using multiple IPs for sending web requests.

SEO Monitoring

Collect results from different search engines to analyze website traffic and keywords. Monitor not only your competitors but also how your content performs regionally without getting blocked.

Ad Verification

Make sure your ads are reaching your target audience. Check if your ads are free of click fraud. Collect ad intelligence in real time and optimize your campaigns.

Social Media

Reach out to your audience. Understand their online behavior by analyzing likes, follows, and comments. Collect the data you need and optimize your campaign region-wise.

Market Research

Study market trends by collecting data from review articles, forums, social media hashtags and influencers, search keywords, trends, and comments. This will help you build better marketing strategies.

Travel Data Aggregation

By analyzing flight, hotel, and tourism data, you can improve your pricing strategy. Furthermore, you can collect information about your customer’s travel preferences, and anticipate the next travel hotspots.

Price Monitoring and Tracking

Monitor competitors’ prices over their different sales channels. This will give you insights into promotions, stock, shipping, and delivery times. You can then define your pricing strategy and optimize your sales.

Review Monitoring

Track online reviews about your and your competitors’ products to maintain a strong online presence and optimize your strategies. First impressions matter a lot, so review monitoring helps you do your homework right.


Stay away from malware and cyber-attacks while also browsing the Internet anonymously and safely. In addition, you can prevent unauthorized access to your company’s network and devices.

Brand Protection

Make sure your ads are not displayed on phishing sites. In addition, get information on potential trademark infringement or domain name abuse. Prevent fraudsters from giving you misleading information based on your IP address.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Always know if you have the right amount of stock to meet customer demand. From order to transit, receiving, storage, and order fulfillment, never lose sight of the entire process.

App Development

Ensure you have the right addresses for your company’s application network. Moreover, this will help boost its security and prevent any unauthorized user from tampering with the app components stored within the network.

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