Harness the Power of Data Collection with Our IP Leasing Platform and Dedicated Proxies Service

Experience the liberty to carefully choose your IPs and effortlessly incorporate them into your dedicated proxy plan, providing your business with unmatched authority and adaptability for data collection.


Data collection, simplified


Selecting the right IPv4 is essential

You can browse our wide range of options, carefully choosing IPs that best fit your business needs.


Choose the Proxy Plan

Select the one that best aligns with your data collection and technical needs.


Start Collecting Data

Once you've made your selection, embark on your data collection journey with confidence.

IP Platform

IP Monetization

Generate value from your unused IP addresses through our dedicated platform. IPWAY’s experience allows you to boost your income while our team handles everything else.

IP Leasing

Buying IPs is not the only option. IP leasing allows you to scale your business while optimizing costs. With IPWAY you have the flexibility to choose the lease period, from a month to several years.

Dedicated ISP (Residential) Proxies:

Tap into ISP (Residential) IPs for authentic and undetectable online interactions.

Maintain the highest level of anonymity and trustworthiness.

Perfect for tasks that require residential IP addresses, such as social media management, web scraping, and more.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:

Unlock lightning-fast, high-performance proxies to accelerate your data collection efforts.

Access data from multiple locations around the world to stay ahead of the competition.

Ensure a secure and reliable connection, enabling seamless online operations.

Automated IP Solutions and Proxy Services

IPWAY's unique platform gives companies the power to grow their business by letting them carefully pick from top-notch dedicated IPv4 proxies, whether it's datacenter or ISP (Residential).

You can create the perfect proxy setup while keeping an eye on usage and managing your costs wisely.


Unlock a distinct advantage through data collection and IP Leasing in your industry.


Gain a competitive edge by collecting market insights and monitoring pricing strategies.

Social Media

Manage multiple accounts and perform data-driven market analysis, ensuring efficient and compliant campaigns.


Leverage proxies to track keyword rankings, scrape search engine data, and stay ahead in the digital competition.

Market Research

Collect data from various geographic locations, ensuring comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

Ad Tech

Harness proxies for efficient ad verification, ad targeting, and data analytics to optimize their campaigns.


Access geo-restricted travel deals, monitor competitors' prices and ensure smooth data retrieval from various locations to enhance their services.

Financial Services Data

Protect sensitive financial information, execute high-frequency trading, and conduct global market research securely.


Employ IPv4 leasing to bolster your network defenses and enhance your ability to track and mitigate online threats effectively.

Real Estate

Access localized property data, track market trends and efficiently manage listings, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry.


Collect diverse data sources to track population health trends and enhance treatment decisions, expedite drug development, monitor disease spread, and ensure vaccine distribution efficiency.

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